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Degas Moments

daisy photographed from below

I love Degas products so much Designs are exquisite and very beautiful. There are a lot of colors, and all colors are good. The leotards are very comfortable and fit a body just well. And DEGAS USA has so wonderful customer service. I LOVE DEGAS USA.


​Ali Murphy love Degas USA .The leotards are unrivaled in fit and style, the slippers are buttery soft and beautiful. I have never been unhappy with any product I have ordered, and I have ordered quite a few Since purchasing my first degas leotard, I have not been satisfied with anything else and they are the ONLY leotards I wear, and I dance long hours, 6 days a week and all of my leotards have held up superbly. The quality is exceptional, and the customer service is amazing and so personal, plus they ship so quickly. I don't know what I would do without Degas USA They really are a dancer’s second skin, and that is most important so that we can focus on our art form. Thank you so much for bettering the ballet community in such a necessary and stylish way Ali AT CPYB


Carlisle, PA

​Emily Kadow loves Degas leotards because they fit perfectly. It is so nice to finally be able to purchase them from the US because buying them from France is very difficult and can take several months. Every time I have ordered them from DEGAS USA they were delivered very quickly.

Emily K.

Ellison Ballet

New York

Patricia loves Degas leotards so much! They are the only leotards I have ever worn that I have felt extremely comfortable in. The styles are not only beautiful on the hanger, but on one’s body as well. I feel like the most beautiful dancer in the whole room while wearing my Degas leotard! And now I will be able to get them whenever I please, due to the fact that they are more accessible to US customers! Thank you Degas for making such wonderful and exquisite leotards!

San Francisco Ballet School

San Francisco

​Marie When I slipped on my first Degas leotard I felt AMAZING! It is so flattering and the soft Meryl fabric is just incredible. I immediately asked for more of these leotards, but it is so difficult to choose from so many beautiful styles. They are a little pricey, but the investment is definitely worth it. My leotards always arrive within a week unless they're in back order, they take a few more weeks. I am definitely a Degas USA girl!

Academy of Ballet Arts


​My daughter loves her Degas leotards, the colours and fabrics are unusual and so comfortable. The leotards fit like a glove. She now only wears her Degas leotards because they make her feel so special as they flatter her body and they are not available in the local dance shops so she feel like she has something very exclusive. The customer service from Linda is great with super-fast shipping for in stock items. Initially it was a bit of trial and error to find a perfect fit and exchanges all the way from Australia have been no problem at all. We just love Degas Leotards.

​I just got my first Degas leotard today and I am so impressed by the quality, fit, and design--it's like a piece of haute couture for ballet dancers! I feel great in it. Thank you for making such beautiful products--I can't wait to order more!

International Academy of Dance

Santa Cruz

Riley D. loves slipping on my degas leotards before class. I enjoy the fabrics that the leotards come in, and the many colors that are available. They also ship the leotards out, if they are in stock very quickly so you can have them in a matter of days. The leotards are so well made and I get compliments on mine all of the time. Thank you so much for finally making a leotard and warm-ups that fit snug against your skin! I LOVE DEGAS USA!!

University of the North Carolina School of the Arts

Winston-Salem, NC

​Amanda loves Degas leotards. I love the fabric and the fit and the styles. I get compliments all the time. In this picture I'm wearing a Degas leotard and matching tulle skirt for an NYCDA competition, as my costume wasn't ready in time and it worked out really well! The service is great too. Thanks

Westchester Dance Academy

Mount Kisco, NY

When I purchased my daughter's first Degas leotard, I was on the phone for a long time with a Degas rep who explained how each different style feels different on dancers' unique bodies. Together, we chose a style that feels like a second skin to my daughter. These beautiful leotards are even more exceptional because of Degas efforts to match the fit perfectly. Wonderful customer service.

Kirov Academy

Germany Dresden Ballet

Degas products are exquisite and they fit beautifully. They also last a long time and are really comfortable. Thank you so much. I love wearing them!


Carlisle, PA

I love and treasure Degas leotards. They are worth every penny. I feel like they look so good that they actually improve my dancing because of how I feel in them. I always get compliments when I wear them. The material is amazing, so professional and lasting forever in brand new form and beauty. They also fit to your body so stunningly that you feel like you're sparkling in them... Thank you so much because I treasure them... They’re priceless!

Dresden Ballet


​Olivia S.I love Degas Leotards! They feel very comfortable and create beautiful lines. I wear them almost exclusively. They are always my first choice for dancewear. I love the designs, material, and colors!

Tchernichov Dance Studio


​Celeste Rainier loves Degas leotards! They fit very well, not too tight, not too baggy. The color selections are always beautiful and every color looks good. Degas leotards also ship very quickly so you get your order in a matter of days. Thankfully we have a Degas USA so I can order these lovely leotards!

International School of Classical Ballet

Seattle, WA

​I feel real when dancing in my Degas. They fit my body very well and I especially like the high cut leg line. I get compliments a lot when I go to class. These leotards fit like a glove. These leotards tend to run a little big so I suggest getting a smaller size than you think you need I love my Degas and give this website 5 stars. I did not backorder my leo and it came in 2 days after I ordered it.

School Of American Ballet

New York City, New York

I received my first Degas leotard today and I cannot believe how beautiful it is! I have worked in high end department stores for a few years and I can honestly say that holding one of these leotards in my hand is like touching a designer garment. There is no doubt that these products are worth every single penny. The customer service is also superb. I felt like shopping for my first Degas leotard was like shopping at a Saks Fifth Avenue with the help of Linda. I can't wait to buy another style! Only problem is that I can't decide which one!

Philadelphia, Pa

​This year was the first time that we used Degas and we couldn't have been happier. What a great find. They sent us trial sizes and when the finished product came they fit perfectly. Their styles and fabrics were most flattering to the dancers and we will must certainly use Degas again in the future. It is a pleasure to find a source that is professional and most competent in offering a quality and superior design.


Waldwick NJ

I can’t believe how amazing the dancewear from Degas actually is! The ballet slippers fit like none other. They form to your feet like magic and are well worth it. The leotards are cut exquisitely and fit your body like a second skin. You feel really beautiful in Degas dancewear. Also Degas has by far THE BEST service and your order comes very quickly! I heart DEGAS

Eva A.


New York